God Heals PTSD Foundation

The God Heals PTSD Foundation provides education, training, resources and awareness events that equip and educate to give treatment and restoration to those who have experienced trauma that continues to impact their present lives. The Foundation provides resources including print, audio and video media, and social media platforms to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of the impact the memories and experiences of trauma have in culture.

The Foundation also provides resources to chaplains, treatment centers, retreat centers for military veterans and active duty soldiers, and organizations dedicated to support military and first responders.  The core message of the Foundation is that God has provided healing and restoration to all forms of traumatic injury, and that healing can be experienced now.


God Heals PTSD Foundation

P.O. Box 55

Dillsburg, PA 17019

Email: godhealsptsd@gmail.com

Facebook: God Heals PTSD


Dr. Mike Hutchings
Executive Director, Mentor