Testimony: Healing of PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury

My daughter Lael (age 16) had been suffering from PTSD symptoms since Feb of 2013. She was practicing her Kung Fu. She did a high kick and her supporting leg slipped from under her. She landed at the base of head and neck and lost all her memory. She was at a preschooler age for a couple months. She gained enough of her memory to a functioning 16-year-old. However, she still was suffering from migraines, brain glitches of short and long-term memory, fogginess in thought, and hard time with reading comprehension. She was able to keep her ‘A’ average GPA but she had to spend 8 hours of studying at night compared to 2 hours that others would do. Things got even worse if she was stressed.
Our healthcare provider could only help with the symptoms by referring her to a psychiatrist to help her cope with stress.
I took her out of school for 3 days and we went to the healing conference. We were excited to find out that the conference was offering a session specific to PTSD. Mike from the supernatural healing ministry of Global Awakening taught the class. My daughter said the prayer. She instantly felt chains lift off her head. She quickly opened up a book and was able to comprehend it instantly.
She has been walking in the victory of her healing for a month now. She now has a photographic memory and has the highest honors in her GPA. Praise Jesus! She is taking what she has learned and now ministers at her school to kids with concussions from sports injuries.
Since I have seen my daughter healed. I have been taking what I learned and have been stepping out in faith (R.I.S.K) and sharing Jesus and praying for healing and provision. Seen the Holy Spirit move in His power and seen many healed of back pain, leg pain, arm pain, financial blessings within minutes of praying. 
God is so good. Having fun watching God lead and stepping out in faith. My ‘new’ natural is living in God’s ‘supernatural’.
Nothing less for my family and I but God’s open heavens wherever we go.
Thank you! 

In HIS great love and with a heart full of praise,
Mayline and family.


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